How to use digital marketing to outshine your brand

by | Aug 25, 2018

The era of old-age traditional marketing theories ends here-

Spending a day without mobile? Seems to be nothing more than a nightmare right?? haha… exactly here is where the present world is turning into the so-called digitally equipped world. Lives of Millions of consumers today revolve around digital media, information, and entertainment, changing their lives drastically. From social networking to display advertising and e-commerce, how the consumer interacts and communicates today is changing and with such big changes coming in the environment, marketers today are facing extreme challenges to create a unique space for their brand in the market and connect with the customers.
Given below are the components of digital marketing that can be used to cater the situation, make sure to focus on what suits you the best.

Display Advertising

According to eMarketer -Facebook and Twitter will take 33% of display ad spending market share by 2017. Google’s display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users”.
It’s an online form of advertising under which social networks, publishers or other third party sites are used to display advertisement in support of brand awareness through banners or texts, video, audio or images. They are effectively used by marketers to deliver advertisements and brand messages to site visitors.

E-mail Marketing

Have you ever been fed up off deleting all those promotional messages from companies? Believe me, it’s not just you, we all have been here once or probably many times, this is what we call e-mail marketing.
This marketing technique involves using emails to send commercial messages to potential or current customers. Usually, emails are used to send advertisements, request business etc and are meant to build brand awareness, trust, and brand loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

We, people, love socializing! Don’t we. I bet if not many but you might be surely active on one or more social media platforms. Social media platforms are continuously growing and are becoming an essential marketing tool. Under this, various social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, and twitter are used to spread information among the masses and so is it becoming essential for the marketers to expand their reach through these platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of promotion-based marketing under which an affiliate is rewarded for each visitor or customer that is bought to the company’s specified page for which the affiliate has put his own marketing efforts. The whole process is based on revenue-sharing where other person promotes other person’s products and pages and earns certain commissions.

Thus, it’s clear that a proper digital marketing plan is a must for companies to expand their brand. Diving into digital marketing without a strategy could do much harm than benefit. Start small and grow your branding efforts over time and surely you would come to see your brand propelling.

That’s all for today!